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Farm-DAP is registered company and a major player in the cash crop trade, with the primary goal of producing high quality cash crop to meet local demands and secondary objective of exporting products out of Africa to the international communities….

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The Best hybrid
maize corn produce & We're Incorporated In ​


Continously striving to honor our commitments to exceed our client expectations by providing quality product at all times. Quality is not just a cliché’ it’s in our organization DNA.


As a company with zero tolerance on at risk behaviours, we operate with a slogan-“Do it safely at once or Don’t do it at all, there is always a time to do it right”


Blessed with highly qualified, diversified and extremely talented work force determined to make a BOLD innovative cutting-edge sustainable and envronmental-friendly project that will not only be beneficial to the stakeholders but also have impact and meaningful economic opportunities to the country and the local communities where we operates.

Profitable Growth

Deliver postive cash flow and good return on investment to our shareholders and partners while maintaining a colloborative social responsilites with meaningful impact to host communities.

Value for Time

Our experienced logistic team ensures delivery of ordered goods on the precise time maintaining the freshness undoubted quality of our products when it reaches you.

Space to make your
greatest impact.

“The largest African producer of maize is Nigeria with nearly 7.5 million tons. The country’s annual demand for maize is about 8 million metric tons thus leaving a demand gap of about 500,000 metric tons which is met from importation.”

Farm-DAP is uniquely positioned to operate within this space of local maize deficit.

Cash Crops

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

Specializes in hybrid corn production supply to Agro based industries that uses corn as a raw material in an environmental-friendly and sustainable manner without compromising quality to meet our numerous client specification & requirements.
Estimated annual corn capacity of our Pilot Project is 500 tons for 2021 with a forecast quarterly corn output of 1000 to 5000 tons depending on the season.
Our Team

We Have Hard Working Team To Take Care Of Your Requirements.

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Farm-DAP has invested in the production of maize to meet the increasing demand for various uses such as domestic, industrial need and for export purposes.

Our Pilot maize production covers 50-100 acres in 2021 with the growth trajectory of 500 to 1000 acres over the next couple of years. Our farms are strategically located in Odeda (Near University of Agriculture) and Kobape area of Ogun State providing access to the Lagos market. Our goal of acquiring additional 500Ha in Oyo State in 2022 is under negotiation.

Our core values to long term projects viability and sustainable positive cash flow and return on your investments despite the market foreign exchange fluctuations

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