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A Few Word About Us

Farm Direct & Agricultural Products Limited

Farm-DAP is registered company and a major player in the cash crop trade, with the primary goal of producing high quality cash crop to meet local demands and secondary objective of exporting products out of Africa to the international communities.

Our strategy is to consistently deliver on our promises to our customers with loyalty and honesty as our watchword. As an agri-business company, we are constantly engaging in production and sourcing, exporting, shipping and logistics, importing and distribution, marketing, including value-added solutions and services, and managing the risks at each stage of the supply chain.  We are looking for partners that are also interested in processing.

Future Growth and Expansion

Livestock: (Work in Progress -Expected kick off date January 2023

  • Our medium to long term strategy involves diversification into other cash crops like Cassava, Avocados, Crude palm oil, cocoa and rubber plantation. (Land acquisition and feasibility currently on-going with our consultants
  • Our livestock investment will be an hybrid of poultry, fishing and cattle.

Our Mission

To Plant, Produce and Promote sustainable mechanized farming aimed at meeting food supply shortage across the West Africa rural communities.
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Our Team

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